Why is the Indian Jimny more expensive than Japan Jimny

Maruti Suzuki Jimny was launched in India recently, and it has been one of the most anticipated launches in the country. However, there have been mixed opinions about the pricing strategy ever since its launch.

The base variant of the Jimny in India starts at Rs. 12.74 lakh, while the top-spec variant costs Rs. 14.89 lakh. This is significantly more expensive than the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Jimny, which starts at just Rs. 8.17 lakh.

So, why is the Indian Jimny so expensive? There are a few reasons for this.

First, the Indian Jimny is a 5-door model, while the JDM Jimny is a 3-door model. This means that the Indian Jimny is larger and heavier, which drives up the cost.

Second, the Indian Jimny gets a few additional features that the JDM Jimny doesn’t have, such as an extended wheelbase and a 4-cylinder engine. However, these features do not justify the huge price difference between the two models.

Finally, the Indian Jimny is not manufactured in India. It is actually manufactured in Japan and then exported to India. This adds to the cost of the car, as it has to be transported over long distances.

So, is the Indian Jimny worth the price? That’s a decision that each individual buyer will have to make for themselves. However, it is clear that the Indian Jimny is significantly more expensive than the JDM Jimny, and there is no clear justification for this disparity.

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FeatureIndian JimnyJDM Jimny
PriceRs. 12.74 lakh – 14.89 lakh
JPY 1,414,000 – 1,730,000 (Rs. 8.17 lakh – 9.99 lakh)
Engine1.5L (1462cc) 4-cylinder petrol0.65L (658cc) 3-cylinder turbo petrol
Transmission5MT, 4AT5MT, 4AT
ADAS SuiteNoYes
Fuel EfficiencyUp to 16.94 kmplUp to 17.5 km/l

In comparable top-spec trim levels, JDM Jimny costs Rs. 4.87 lakhs less than Indian Jimny. This price difference signifies the addition of two doors and an extended wheelbase but loses out on the ADAS suite and extra engine hardware like turbocharging, turbo intercooler, and drive modes.

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