When should which part of the bike change?

Hello friends, welcome to vehiclemech.com If you drive a motor cycle, then it is important for you to know which part of the motorcycle should be changed when and in how many kilometers. Would have been a friend because most of us when we go to the service center or local garage to get our motorcycle serviced, the mechanic asks jis to change the part, we get that part changed and the one who doesn’t tell, he doesn’t change . Because we do not know what to change and what not to change.

Without going much technical in this article, we will explain you in very easy language. So that those people who know how to drive a motorcycle, but do not have the knowledge of automobiles, they also understand these things and get their parts changed at the right time. So that you are also safe and your motorcycle is also safe.

Brake Shoe / Brake Pads

The first part is the brake shoe or brake pad What most people usually do is that they keep the motorcycle running by adjusting the brakes of the motorcycle until the rubber of the brake pad is completely worn out. Now if the question is when to change brake pads. So it totally depends on how you drive the bike and where you drive. Because we drive most of the motorcycles in congested areas where brakes have to be applied frequently.

I would suggest you to change the brake shoe kit of your motorcycle once every 15 to 20 thousand kilometers. By the way, those who drive only run the brake shoe for 40 to 50 thousand kilometers. But in such a situation, suddenly the brakes will fail for 1 day and then accidents happen. Just as it is said that if there is water there is life, similarly if there is brake in the case of a motorcycle, then there is life.

My name is Sahil Pathan and I have done a diploma course in mechanics and I am very much fond of vehicles since childhood. I watch only car shows on TV too. I have very good knowledge of cars and bikes, that's why I have created this blog.

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