What Is Difference Between ABS Vs CBS and How It Works

So guys, today I’m going to explain one of the most trending questions on YouTube and also in Google search what is the difference between ABS VS CBS, ABS and CBS full form, How does ABS work, and how does CBS work in bikes, ABS vs CBS Advantages & Disadvantages and which is best ABS or CBS in bikes.

My name is Aakash and I write articles for VehicleMech. I did 30 hours of research on ABS vs CBS trying to know which is the best and what is the difference between them. So today I will try to answer all your questions regarding ABS and CBS.

What Is The Difference Between ABS Vs CBS

One of the frequently asked questions Is what is the difference between ABS and CBS and how does it work? Okay, it is true as a customer we may have many questions in our minds, but sometimes we may fail to get these answers. So, the question arises what are the safety features that are provided in your vehicle? Here, ABS and CBS are a kind of safety device that is being installed on bikers for improving their braking qualities and preventing an accident. 

Why Use Smart Braking System (Eg. ABS vs CBS)

We can usually see in the rainy and winter season, the roads are full of water and small rocks. Because of that when our vehicles are at maximum speed. In this situation when you hit the heartbeat the bike slips and spins out of control. Sometimes it can be seriously damaged. Hence smart braking system is being invented to avoid such accidents.

ABS and CBS full form

ABS full form 

Anti-Lock Braking System

CBS full form

Combined braking system

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

So now let’s start to talk about ABS. ABS stands for anti-lock braking systems and is also known as anti-skid braking systems. ABS systems monitor the speed of the different wheel there is a sensor in each wheel that detect the speed and excess pressure built up in the house. So when you are applying the break that sends a signal to the ABS and ABS automatically adjust the braking force on an individual wheel to prevent the speed and lock up with every scenario offering an improvement of environment control and decreasing the stopping distance on a dry and slippery surface. 

There are major components in an ABS. 

  1. First is the speed sensor, the sensor monitors the speed of each wheel and determines the necessary acceleration, and decreases the speed. 
  2. Second the valve, the valve regulates the air pressure to the brakes during the ABS election. 
  3. The third electronic control unit is ECU, ECU is a control unit that received amplifies and filters the sensor signal for calculating the hole rotational speed and acceleration. 
  4. Four the hydraulic control unit, received a signal from the ECU to apply and release the brakes and other anti-lock conditions. 

Thus, ABS prevents the world from locking up and avoids uncontrolled speeding of the vehicle. 

ABS Advantages & Disadvantages

The safest feature of the modern braking system.The feature is quite cost maximizing. So it’s not suitable for low-priced motorcycles.
Plays a vital role in traction control.A not perfect feature for serious off-road motorcycles.
Increase rider or operator’s confidence.Not suitable for sports stunt motorcycles.
Shortens the braking distance.It may increase braking distance on extremely slippery surfaces like ice, and oily or muddy surfaces.
Increases the life of the braking assembly.It’s quite a complicated setup with electronic devices and sensors. Hence its further maintenance is not easy.
Considering riding pattern and road surface ABS can be switched on or off.

CBS (Combined braking system)

Now let’s talk about CBS. CBS stands for a combined braking system. In the CBS system. When the front brakes are being applied, some percentage of the brakes are automatically applied to the rear brake so it will reduce the braking distance and improve the stability while braking. The CBS is introduced by Honda in the two-wheeler segment. 

There are major components in a CBS. 

In the CBS system, The brakes are simultaneously upright on both the front and rear wheel, which leads to the most effective braking. In CBS, there is a component known as an equalizer so the equalizer is the brain of a braking system. Pressing the left brake activates the equalizer who has distributed the braking force between the front and rear wheel at the same time so that you can ride with confidence.  

CBS Advantages & Disadvantages

Comparatively better & safe braking option for low-priced and small-capacity motorcycles.It somewhat puzzling for frequent and experienced motorcycle users.
Cost-effective feature for the safe braking system.It hampers common and frequent motorcycle users’ concentration and can cause bad situations dealing with sudden and extreme situations.
Comparatively nice braking feature for the commuter, cruiser, and touring motorcycles.Not good for a serious motorcyclist.
A helpful feature for armature, inexperienced and infrequent motorcycle users.Not a good feature for high-profile and high-performance sports motorcycles.
It’s not applicable for off-road or stunt sports motorcycles.
Maintenance and brake activity ratio customization is not so easy and it can cause uncomfortable situations on braking.
CBS is a mechanical feature; so it cannot be switched off. Hence it’s the biggest drawback of this feature.

Which is Better ABS Vs CBS in Bikes

For good and effective braking, both the wheels must be braked simultaneously which does CBS (Combi Braking System) and stops the vehicle with a short braking distance. Also, the CBS unit is quite affordable and hence it serves the purpose of budget bikes and scooters well.

But in the event of panic braking, CBS cannot help as there is still a possibility that your wheel may lock up and you fall down. Here comes ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) which, as the name suggests, does not allow the wheel to lock. Also in ABS, the sensor brakes, discharges, and re-applies before the wheel locks. 

This process continues until your vehicle stops. And it stops the vehicle at a shorter distance than CBS. Also, unlike CBS, the ABS unit is expensive and hence we can see it only in high-end bikes. But nowadays 150 cc motorcycles are also coming with ABS which is really a great thing.

So on direct comparison, ABS is always better than CBS but it really depends on what type of bike you are using.

Hope you understand the difference but the question is which type of braking system is better ABS vs CBS. If you see the specs of both his braking systems, both of them had their own importance, whereas ABS will be getting in both two and four-wheeler segments, whereas CBS would be getting only in Honda two-wheeler segment. That’s all guys if you had any questions, then please write in the comments. 


  1. Q: Are abs better than CBS?

    Yes, ABS is better than CBS.

  2. What is CBS in bikes?

    CBS stands for a combined braking system. In the CBS system.

  3. What is the use of CBS?

    When the front brakes are being applied, some percentage of the brakes are automatically applied to the rear brake.

  4. ABS Full Form?

    Anti-Lock Braking System

  5. CBS Full form

    Combined braking system

  6. ABS vs CBS which is best

    ABS is best than CBS.

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ABS vs CBS has the best ABS in terms of vehicle match. ABS is a bit expensive but in this, you get a lot more safety than CBS. You should buy a bike with ABS because your bike will not slip due to ABS. Whatever questions you had about ABS vs CBS, I hope you have got the answers to all. If you have any other questions, then definitely tell us in the comment, and we will definitely answer them.

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