Yamaha Motor India Chairman Ishin Chihana while talking to a news website has said that the company wants the return of the RX100.

Yamaha RX 100 ready to Comeback in India 

Yamaha is now going to launch one of its popular bikes of the past. This bike was a popular bike of the 90s and now the company has announced its return.

Yamaha RX 100 was launched by the company during the year 1985 and stopped its production in 1996. Now the company is going to launch this motorcycle once again.

President of Yamaha Motor Ishin Chihana, said in an interview, “We want to bring back the RX100, but the RX100 has a two-stroke engine and it is no longer possible to make it BS6 emission compliant.

He also said that we can use the name RX 100 for a new model and that is in our plan.” He said, “It is not that easy to use this name (RX100).

He further said that we cannot take any decision immediately for this, for this we have to work properly after planning, otherwise it can tarnish the image of the bike.

In such a situation, the challenge before Yamaha India is that it cannot give the RX100 badge on any such bike as the RX100 has been a legend bike.

For the new RX100, the company will have to prepare a new similar bike, which is capable of handling the RX100 badge. The company wants to launch the RX 100 with a good preparation.

The company's chairman Ishin Chihana says that Yamaha has models for the lineup till 2025. Therefore, the return of RX100 will be possible only after 2026.

It will not be easy for Yamaha to present the RX100 with new styling and design. The RX 100 is still fresh in the minds of the people. Therefore, harmonizing with the old identity is a big challenge