This is now the world's most powerful SUV

This car generates 1000 hp power and 1180 Nm peak torque.

Rezvani Motors has launched the world's most powerful SUV car. Rezwani Motors is known for manufacturing high capacity and quality supercars

This car is available in three variants Standard, X and Military. There are many more features in this bulletproof car.

The Rezwani Tank is powered by a 6.2-litre V8 supercharged engine. This engine generates 1000 hp power and 1180 Nm peak torque.

The Rezwani tank is quite aggressive in appearance. The sleek headlamps, LED bar, black grille and side profile make the car more attractive.

It is an off-road SUV. Its body is made of steel frame. The tires of the car are quite wide and this car can ride comfortably even in non-road areas.

The military version of the Rezvani tank has bulletproof glass and doors. It also provides protection against car bombings.

Apart from this, many features like self-sealing gas tank, thermal camera, special light and siren have been provided in the car. The matte finish military color adds to the beauty of the car.

The standard variant of the Rezwani tank is priced at $1.55 lakh (1.05 crore), the military variant is priced at $2.95 lakh (2.10 crore) and the top model X variant costs $3.49 lakh (2.48 crore).

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