Humble One is the world's first solar electric SUV car, which will run 805 kms by charging from the sun. Know its specialty

California-based startup company Humble Motors wants to go one step ahead and enter the EV industry. Recently, the company showed the concept of an electric SUV car named Humble One.

This concept was different in every sense as the Humble One was based on a new technology different from other cars. The company will run the upcoming Humble One electric SUV under sunlight.

The company will use solar energy to power the car's electric motor. The company claims that on a single charge with solar energy, this car can run 805 km.

Humble One is not the world's first solar-powered car. Earlier this technology was used in Hyundai Sonata and Karma Revero. Humble One is the first electronic SUV to have a solar panel on its roof.

The company has just introduced its concept. Therefore, there can be many changes in it till it reaches the production level. There is no doubt that the concept car is very good looking.

There is a photovoltaic cell in 80 square feet on the car's roof. With this power help, the car range will increase by 96 km daily. This car run for 805 km on a single charge.

The company has collected $ 20 million from pre-order bookings of Humble One, which is approximately Rs 159 crore. The production of the car is not expected to start before 2024.

Only after 2024, Humble One will be able to be launched in the US and when it will come to India, we cannot tell or will not.

Company has not yet given information about the price of the Humble One car. But according to some reports, the price of this car will start from around 109,000 dollars, which is more than 87 lakh.