Why Triumph Speed 400 and Harley-Davidson X440 So Affordable

Publish On 07/07/23, By Adminsahil

Indian motorcycle market witnesses a seismic shift with Harley-Davidson X440 and Bajaj's affordable offerings. Excitement ensues.

Harley-Davidson X440 surprises enthusiasts by being closer in price to Royal Enfield Classic 350. An unexpected game-changer.

Bajaj unleashes a price shocker with its low-priced Triumph model. Rs 2.23 lakh leaves attendees speechless. Competition intensifies.

Rajiv Bajaj explains the affordability: volume, scale, and simplicity. Triumph motorcycles redefine value for Indian riders.

Royal Enfield faces the challenge of the price war. How will the industry leader respond to the competition? Anticipation builds.

Motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly await Royal Enfield's defensive maneuver. The highly anticipated Himalayan 450 holds the answer.

Indian motorcyclists emerge as winners in the ongoing price war. More choices and value at previously unimaginable price points.

Harley-Davidson and Bajaj fire the first shots in the price war, captivating motorcyclists with their surprisingly affordable models.

Competition breeds excitement and anticipation in the Indian motorcycle market. Unprecedented affordability benefits riders across the country.

The landscape of the Indian motorcycle industry evolves as affordability takes center stage. The battle for market dominance intensifies.

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