Why Indian Jimny is 4.87 lakh more expensive than Japanese Jimny?

Publish On 23/06/23, By Adminsahil

Maruti Suzuki Jimny recently went on sale in India. Despite anticipation, there have been mixed opinions about its pricing strategy.

Compared to the larger Thar, which costs Rs. 2.2 lakh less for its base variants, Jimny’s pricing has raised some eyebrows.

Jimny prices in Japan start from Rs. 4.57 lakh less than Indian pricing for base variants. The price difference is around Rs. 4.87 lakh for top-spec trims.

Suzuki manufactures JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Jimny in its Kosai plant in Japan while Maruti Suzuki manufactures Indian Jimny in its Gurgaon plant.

JDM Jimny is only available as a 3-door model while Indian Jimny is only available as a 5-door model.

Additionally, JDM Jimny gets the ‘Suzuki Safety Support’ ADAS suite, something which Indian Jimny lacks.

In Japan, 3-door Jimny is available in three trim levels: base XG, mid XL, and top XC. All three trims get a 0.65L (658cc) 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine.

Both JDM and Indian Jimny come standard with a 4X4 transfer case, LSD, and front and rear rigid axles.

However, even though Indian Jimny gets a larger 4-cylinder 1.5L petrol engine (102 bhp, 134 Nm), it lacks turbocharging and drive modes.

In comparable top-spec trim levels, JDM Jimny costs Rs. 4.87 lakh less than Indian Jimny. Is India-spec Jimny worth it? You be the judge.

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