Wheelie with 2 Girls "Gone Wrong", Police Arrested

Publish On 03/04/23, By Adminsahil

A biker was caught performing dangerous stunts with two girls on a public road in Mumbai.

The incident sparked outrage on social media, and the rider and girls were arrested. 

The rider, Faiyyaz Ahmad Azzemullah Qadri, has a criminal record.

They were booked under the Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicle Act. Further investigation is underway.

Performing stunts on public roads is illegal and can lead to fines and imprisonment.

Stunts should only be done on private property.

Mumbai has a CCTV network, and the traffic police track violating vehicles' registration numbers to issue fines. 

Online challans may be inaccurate, but they can be disputed through the traffic police’s grievance portal.

The authorities have increased the challan fee to deter violations and enhance road safety. 

It is crucial to follow traffic rules and regulations and practice responsible driving to prevent accidents and legal troubles.

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