Why do we see water on the road in sunny days, which does not actually happen

Such deception often happens even in the desert.

Why is there water on the road in the afternoon on sunny days? What science says about this, we will know in today's post.

You must have noticed somewhere in the afternoon (when it is sunny) that water is visible from afar on the road, but when you go there there is nothing there.

Such camouflage often occurs even in the desert, because the desert is very sunny. This type of camouflage is also called miraj.

In science, this type of illusion is called a mirage. In this, a lake of water or a shining area is visible in the distance.

During the summer, the air on the surface of the earth gets heated and which starts moving to upwards.

The air above is cooler, which is heavier than the warm air, so it tends to come down. Due to which some layer of hot and cold air is prepared.

When the sun's rays fall on the layer in these hot and cold air, then such an illusion occurs. Due to which we can see water from a distance on the road on a sunny day.

As soon as the rays of the sun settle on this layer of hot and cold air, then we see some shadow or glow.

The path of the rays to the sun is distracted, this creates an imaginary shadow of the object at that place.

Due to which a mirage effect is created and we see water. In the Mirage effect, other than water or shadow, there are other types of illusions.

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