What Is Difference Between ABS Vs CBS  How ABS and CBS Works 

ABS and CBS full form and which is best ABS or CBS in bikes. 

So guys, today I'm going to explain one of the most trending questions what is the difference between ABS VS CBS, ABS, and CBS full form, How does it work,s and which is best ABS or CBS in bikes.

We usually in the rainy and winter season, the roads are full of water and small rocks. When our vehicles are at maximum speed and you press the brake the bike slips and spins out of control.

Sometimes it can be seriously damaged. Hence smart braking system is being invented to avoid such accidents.

ABS and CBS full form

1.ABS full form  - Anti-Lock Braking System 2. CBS full form - Combined braking system

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ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

So now let's start to talk about ABS. ABS stands for anti-lock braking systems and is also known as anti-skid braking systems.

ABS systems monitor the speed of the different wheels there is a sensor in each wheel that detects the speed and excess pressure build-up in the house.

So when you are applying the break that sends a signal to the ABS and ABS automatically adjust the braking force on an individual wheel to prevent the speed and lock up 

with every scenario offering an improvement of environment control and decreasing the stopping distance on a dry and slippery surface.

CBS (Combined braking system)

Now let's talk about CBS. CBS stands for a combined braking system. In the CBS system. 

When the front brakes are being applied, some percentage of the brakes are automatically applied to the rear brake so it will reduce the braking distance and improve the stability while braking.

 The CBS is introduced by Honda in the two-wheeler segment. In the CBS system, The brakes are simultaneously upright on both the front and rear wheel

Hope you understand the difference but the question is which type of braking system is best. In direct comparison, ABS is always better than CBS but it really depend on what type of bike you are using