TVS Racing Electric Apache: A Racing Machine for the Future

Publish On 23/09/23, By Adminsahil

TVS Motor Company introduces a purpose-built electric Apache motorcycle for demanding racing applications, showcasing its commitment to electric innovation.

The X crossover scooter from TVS becomes India's most advanced electric 2-wheeler, demonstrating the brand's technical prowess.

Breaking new ground, TVS announces India's first electric racing championship for 2-wheelers, featuring the TVS Racing Electric One Make Championship.

Eight talented riders are already selected to compete in the TVS Racing Electric One Make Championship, raising the excitement for this groundbreaking event.

The racing electric Apache boasts high-power battery cells, a carbon fiber battery case, and a liquid-cooled motor, setting new standards in its class.

With Ohlins suspension and Pirelli Super Corsa tires, the racing Apache promises exceptional performance on the track.

TVS prioritizes aerodynamics with a carbon fiber fairing, claiming the best-in-class coefficient of drag for its racing electric motorcycle.

TVS's dedication to electric engineering in 2-wheelers signals a bright future for the industry, with valuable insights from the upcoming racing championship.

The custom-built advanced battery management system ensures both high performance and security for the racing electric Apache.

As TVS pioneers electric advancements, the knowledge gained from the championship will likely influence future production of electric motorcycles from the Chennai-based manufacturer.

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