This milkman sells milk on a Harley Davidson bike worth 6 lakhs

Publish on 10 Jan 2023 By Adminsahil

We all must have seen milkmen around our homes or in the market. He would often be seen carrying milk in a big pot on a bicycle or Luna bike.

Most of us would be taking milk from such a person instead of packaged milk.

One such video of a milkman is going viral on social media, in which everyone is surprised to see the fame of the milkman.

Milkmen are usually seen on cycles or bikes only. In such a situation, everyone is surprised to see a person selling milk on a Harley Davidson bike worth lakhs of rupees.

This viral video is being shared on many social media platforms. This video (Viral Video) has been shared by amit_bhadana_3000 on Instagram.

In the video, a milkman is seen coming out of the house's main gate after this everyone was surprised to see the Harley Davidson bike of the milkman.

The price of this Harley Davidson bike of Dudhwale is around 6 lakhs.

This viral video is getting lakhs of views and thousands of comments on social media. It is being seen as shared by a large number of users

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