This electric bike is better than OLA bike

Publish On 20/08/23, By Adminsahil

Ola Electric's new motorcycle buzz in India parallels China's QJ Motor unveiling the OAO Pro electric bike.

QJ Motor's OAO Pro, introduced as RX at EICMA 2022, surprises with extended battery range of 170km from 120km.

The OAO Pro electric bike by QJ Motor boasts a 10kW mid-mounted motor and unique four-speed transmission.

Unusual for EVs, the OAO Pro features a four-speed transmission for a distinct riding feel akin to ICE bikes.

The OAO Pro's top speed of 96kmph falls short of the sporty electric bike vibe, unlike competitors like Ultraviolette F77 Recon.

Weighing just 164kg and featuring a low seat height, the QJ OAO Pro promises a nimble and easy commute.

QJ Motor's OAO Pro stands out with standard ABS, LCD console, full-LED lights, and a convenient USB charging port.

With its captivating design and affordability at 29,999 Yuan (around Rs 3.45 lakh), the OAO Pro finds its place in China.

Sadly, Indian enthusiasts won't get the chance to experience the QJ OAO Pro electric motorcycle anytime soon.

While Ola Electric makes waves in India, China's QJ Motor brings the OAO Pro, impressing with its electric innovation.

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