China's auto company BYD (Build Your Dreams) has beaten American car company Tesla. BYD is now giving a tough competition to Tesla in the case of demand for electric car.

In the first six months of this year, Tesla sold a total of 5,64,000 vehicles. At the same time, BYD has sold around 6,41,000 electric and hybrid vehicles.

There has been a difference of 77,000 in the sale of vehicles between the two companies. The Covid epidemic has also affected Tesla's Shanghai plant.

Due to this, Tesla's plant in China faced many difficulties. Last month, the model 3 and 1,07,293 units of model Y were recalled at Tesla's Shanghai plant.

Many types of problems were being seen in these vehicles. According to a statement by the State Administration for Market Regulation, Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y were having an overheating problem.

Due to this, a variety of systems including windshield settings and gear display were being seen. The company had called back the vehicles to improve it.

Due to this, Tesla Company Facted A Decline of 18 Percent in Quarter-2 Compared to Quarter-1 of 2022.

The Chinese company BYD recently launched its lectic MPV BYD e6 in the Indian market. This car made a record by traveling from Mumbai to Delhi.

Tesla has not yet been entered in the Indian market. The company wants to start its business in India, but it has not been able to talk to the Government of India demanding tax exemption in cars.

Some time ago Union Minister Nitin Gadkari invited Tesla to come to India and make a car and said that Tesla can make a car in India, but the car made in China cannot be sold in India.

Tesla sold around 78,000 China-made vehicles in June, while in May, Tesla sold 32,165 China-made cars. But now he is getting tough competition from China's companies.