These are the 5 best electric bikes launched in India in 2022

Publish on 01 Jan 2023 By Adminsahil

Electric cars are becoming more popular in India. Although there is not enough charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, consumers are buying electric bikes in large numbers.

Many electric bikes can be charged at home. With this, the sale of electric bikes in India has started to grow. A big market for electric bikes has been created in India.

In 2022, millions of electric bikes were sold in India and many new models hit the Indian market. Today we'll tell you about five popular electric bikes launched in 2022.

Ola Electric launched the Ola S1 Air this year at an affordable price. The ex showroom price of this scooter is 84,999 and has a range of 101 km.

Ola S1 Air

Oberon Roar is another electric bike that has entered the Indian vehicle market this year. The price of this bike is 1.03 lakh and the range is 200 km.

Oben Rorr

Hero MotoCorp to launch its first electric scooter Vida V1 in 2022. The price of this scooter is 1.45 to 1.59 lakh and the range is 165 km.

Hero Vida V1

Ather Energy launched the third generation model of its best-selling electric scooter 450X this year. Its price is Rs 1.39 lakh and the range is 146 km.

Ather 450X Gen 3

This electric bike has been launched recently. It is currently the most expensive e-bike in India. Its price is 3.80 to 5.50 Lakh and its range is 307 km.

Ultraviolette f77

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