Bike Start Tips Without Using Kick and Self: If you get stuck in such a place, then start the bike in this way.


What will you do if your bike kick and self fails and your bike stops midway? There is an option to push the bike, but how far will you push the bike?

To avoid this problem, today we have brought for you some such measures by which you can start your bike in a pinch. So let's know what is the solution that can start your bike immediately.

To start your bike without the use of self and kick, first of all, park your bike on a double stand, this will give a good grip to your bike from the ground.

Then put the top gear of the bike, this is the first step of the process. After this you go to the rear tire of the bike and turn it forward, then slowly rotate that tire very fast.

As soon as the speed of rotation of the tire starts increasing, you will see that the bike starts turning. You can start the bike by repeating this process several times.

If you get stuck somewhere where no bike mechanic can be found and your bike does not even start, then definitely use this method. This is a very easy and effective method.