RX100 Coming Back Plans Confirmed By Yamaha Chairman

Publish On 27/06/23, By Adminsahil

Yamaha India chairman Eishin Chihana confirms the modern-day version of the iconic RX100.

The bike will not be launched before 2026.

Yamaha is aware of RX100’s iconic status in India.

The bike will have to be a performance-oriented machine with a larger engine than the original 100cc two-stroke.

Yamaha has no intention to ruin the RX100.

Until Yamaha is sure that it can produce high performance, lightweight bike with correct performance, it will not launch it.

With the current line-up, 155cc is not enough.

Yamaha is currently evaluating several options for RX100’s engine.

The company is considering a 200cc or 250cc four-stroke engine.

Yamaha wants to make sure that the new RX100 is a bike that people will love.

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