Queen Elizabeth Car Collection

During the reign of 70 years, the queen traveled in some expensive and luxury cars.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth took over the reign of Britain after the death of her father, King George.

Bentley State Limousine

Queen Elizabeth was often seen traveling in a Bentley State limousine. This car was gifted to Queen Elizabeth on the completion of 50 years of her rule.

Land Rover Defender

There are around 30 Land Rover Defender in her collection. Queen has an electric hybrid Defender from the original Land Rover.

Daimler Super V8 LWB

The Daimler Super V8 LWB was one of the Queen's most iconic cars. The Daimler Super V8 LWB is equipped with specially optimized tyres.


There are also some Rolls Royce cars in Queen Elizabeth's car collection. Queen also owned a royal car like the Rolls Royce Phantom V and VI.

Apart from all this, Maharani owned some luxury cars like Rover P5B, Vauxhall Cresta Estate and Jaguar X-Type Estate.

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