Police issued challan to police bike, know what is the matter?

Publish On 09/10/23, By Adminsahil

In India, rules and regulations apply to everyone, regardless of their profession. Even police officers are not exempt from this.

A recent incident in Bangalore serves as a prime example of this. A police officer was fined Rs. 500 for a modified silencer on his Royal Enfield motorcycle.

The officer’s violation came to light through a video shared online. The video showed the officer riding his Royal Enfield with the modified silencer.

The video was shared on a popular social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by a page named ThirdEye, which regularly posts traffic violations.

The video showed the officer riding with another officer on the pillion seat. The main violation was the “defective silencer” on the bike, which was causing excessive noise.

The post requested Hebbal Traffic Police and Bangalore Traffic Police to take action against the rider and remove the defective silencer.

The violation occurred on September 30 at around 11 am on Palace Road near the CBI office in Bangalore. The video was taken by a pillion rider and sent to ThirdEye by an active subscriber.

Upon noticing the post, R T Nagar Traffic Department traced the vehicle and raised a violation against it. They also shared a picture of the fine receipt showing a fine of Rs. 500 for having a defective silencer.

Netizens appreciated the quick response from the traffic police department. One user even found that this particular Royal Enfield had been fined for four previous traffic violations.

It’s worth noting that the noise from the bike was not due to a defective silencer, but rather a modification - an aftermarket silencer that increases the bike’s volume, which is currently illegal.

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