Sony and Honda introduced a powerful Electric Car

Publish On 07/01/2023, By Adminsahil

Many companies are now focusing on launching electric cars. Meanwhile, Sony and Honda have jointly announced a new electric car brand.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, these companies announced the electric car brand Afeela. This car of the company will be available for sale in North America in the year 2026.

Not much information has been revealed about the new brand yet. Yasuhide Mizuna, CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, said that the car would come with AI and the latest technology from Sony.

More than 40 sensors including camera, radar, and ultrasonic will be available in this electric car. These sensors will be on the exterior of the vehicle and will help during self-driving.

Sony unveiled a similar concept car three years ago at the Consumer Electronics Show. However, it is a sedan car with a light bar at the front, a closed grille, and a high-glass black roof.

The electric car under the Afeela brand is likely priced at par with premium cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, and Audi.

According to Sony, the company will offer this car with a software subscription service. On taking a subscription, users will get the benefit of some facilities.

Sony and Honda are going to launch an electric car under the Afeela brand. After launch, this car will compete directly with Tesla.

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