Maruti Launch its First Electric Car, Range 550 Km+

Publish On 10/01/2023, By Adminsahil

Asia's largest Auto Expo (Auto Expo 2023) has started in Delhi.

The 16th edition of the Auto Expo has been named 'The Motor Show'. The first attraction at this event was the cars of Maruti.

Maruti has unveiled the electric SUV concept EVX. The company has introduced it with Imaginext Vision.

It has been claimed about this SUV that it is capable of giving a range of 550 km on a single charge.

Maruti claims that the new SUV will offer performance along with advanced connectivity features.

Maruti has introduced its electric vehicle for the first time. The company used Metaverse for the presentation of the new SUV.

Maruti has announced an investment of Rs 10,000 crore for electric SUV production.

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