Lamborghini Launch Most Powerful Hypercar with 1015 Bhp

Publish On 31/03/23, By Adminsahil

The Lamborghini Revuelto is the latest hypercar from the legendary Italian car manufacturer, boasting exceptional performance and style.

The Revuelto's mono fuselage is lighter than Aventador's by 10% with improved stiffness and dynamic capabilities. The front frame is also 20% lighter than its aluminum predecessor.

The new L545 engine is the lightest and most powerful 12-cylinder engine ever made by Lamborghini and is complemented by three electric motors, making the Revuelto a hybrid powerhouse.

V12 engine and electric motors produce 1015 BHP. Revuelto can reach 0-100 kmph in 2.5 secs and a top speed of over 350 kmph.

The new 8-speed gearbox in the Revuelto is quicker and lighter than the Huracan range's seven-speed double-clutch unit, providing a sporty driving experience.

The gearbox has a unique feature called "continuous downshifting," allowing the driver to drop down multiple gears under braking for complete control.

The inclusion of an eighth ratio increases fuel efficiency and drivability, making the Revuelto a comfortable daily driver and a performance machine.

The Lamborghini Revuelto is a groundbreaking vehicle that offers exceptional performance, handling, and style.

With its mono fuselage, hybrid powertrain, and new 8-speed gearbox, the Revuelto is sure to turn heads on Indian roads.

The Lamborghini Revuelto is likely to be one of the most desirable cars of its time, showcasing the pinnacle of engineering and design from the iconic Italian automaker.

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