Keep these 10 things in mind while buying a second-hand car

Publish On 21/08/23, By Adminsahil

Looking for a used car? Start by defining needs: size, performance, and budget. Don't overspend; keep a buffer for repairs.

Research on Japanese cars for reliability. European models might require costly repairs. Body type flexibility is key.

Check for at least 4 years left on registration for better resale value. Avoid diesel due to potential bans.

Prices vary regionally; southern regions are more expensive. Japanese cars cost more but offer reliability.

Consider Fiats & Skodas with bad resale, if you know a good garage. You can save on purchases and sprucing up.

Be patient while searching through ads. Direct sellers aren't always better. Dealers often reduce prices for genuine buyers.

Preliminary checks: Odo km, owners, insurance validity, registration state, traffic offenses. Inspect photos closely.

First call: verify owner, year/month of manufacture, keys, service history, and major repairs. Arrange a visit for promising options.

Visiting: examine exterior, glass, tires, and rust. Check fluids, belts, engine sounds, and leaks. Test drive thoroughly.

Negotiate price based on research. Bring a less biased friend for objective evaluation. Trust your instincts; walk away if unsure.

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