Is Mahindra going to launch electric version of Thar?

Publish On 01/08/23, By Adminsahil

Rumor has it that Mahindra is developing an electric Thar! Watch out for the unveiling session on August 15 in South Africa.

Mahindra is set to launch 5-10 electric models, including an electric Thar with a 4*4 setup and quad-motor engagement.

The upcoming Electric Thar might feature a carb walker and lightweight body. Exciting times ahead!

Don't compare the Electric Thar with the petrol version; they use different technologies and have unique features.

Mahindra's expertise in the commercial sector hints at exciting possibilities for the Electric Thar.

The specific launch date and pricing are still uncertain, but we can expect a thrilling new concept from Mahindra.

Keep an eye on the South Africa unveiling session for all the latest updates on the Electric Thar.

Will the Electric Thar impress with its 45-degree turning wheels? Find out soon!

Anticipation builds for the prototype of the Electric Thar at the upcoming event.

Mahindra's venture into electric trucks and pickups could revolutionize the market. Stay tuned for more details!

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