Indian Motorcycle reveals limited edition bikes: Price equal to 3 Thar

Publish On 13/04/23, By Adminsahil

Indian Motorcycles unveils limited edition cruisers - Pursuit Elite and Chieftain Elite.

Exclusive cosmetic upgrades set these bikes apart, limited production numbers worldwide.

Chieftain Elite features custom paint scheme, graphite spoke paint, and 10-spoke alloy wheels.

Pursuit Elite gets eye-catching graphite metallic and black metallic paint with bronze chrome accents.

Performance-oriented with robust V-twin engines, Chieftain Elite generates 171Nm of torque.

Pursuit Elite delivers 174Nm of torque, designed to make a bold statement on the road.

Bookings already commenced in the US, premium pricing - Chieftain Elite around Rs 29 lakh, Pursuit Elite around Rs 33 lakh.

Limited marketing for these exclusive models in India by Indian Motorcycles.

Unique and exclusive cruisers for luxury, performance, and exclusivity seekers.

Stand out from the crowd with these exceptional limited edition cruisers from Indian Motorcycles.