Hero Splendor Real World Mileage: Tips to Improve Mileage

Publish On 02/03/23, By Adminsahil

We will find out what is Hero Splendor mileage and discuss what factors affect the mileage of Hero Splendor and provide suggestions on how to improve it.

The mileage of Hero Splendor depends on various factors which include road conditions, riding habits, maintenance and other factors. Let us discuss these factors in detail:

Road Conditions:

Road conditions affect the mileage of Hero Splendor. Riding on rough roads with heavy traffic results in less mileage.

Riding Habits:

The way you ride Hero Splendor affects the mileage too. Aggressive riding with sudden acceleration and braking can reduce the mileage.


Hero Splendor requires regular maintenance for optimum mileage. Keep a clean air filter, proper tire pressure and regular oil changes.

Other Factors:

Other factors like weather conditions, payload and fuel quality can also affect the Hero Splendor mileage.

ARAI certified mileage

The Hero Splendor is certified by ARAI to deliver a mileage of approximately 81 kmpl under standard test conditions.

Real-world mileage

In real world conditions, the mileage of Hero Splendor may vary between 60-70 kmpl depending on various factors discussed above.

Tips To Improve 

Improving the mileage of your Hero Splendor can help you save money on fuel and make your ride more efficient. Here are some tips to improve the mileage of Hero Splendor: