Electric Car Advertising Wars: Tata vs. MG Troll

Publish On 27/04/23, By Adminsahil

The electric car war between Tata and MG has sparked a new advertising battle, with jabs being traded over 2 respective electric vehicles.

Tata's marketing message highlights the practicality of their electric cars, positioning them as a legitimate mode of transportation.

In response, MG is targeting customers who are looking for a stylish and cool car that stands out from the crowd, positioning the Comet EV as a modern and forward-thinking option.

The ongoing banter now positions the Comet as a new, modern, and technologically advanced option, with messaging that reads "Ice age vs new age."

The word "cartoon" implies that the MG Comet is not a serious option, playing on notions of being a more serious choice, as opposed to a quirky and playful vehicle.

MG's messaging of "old school vs new cool" suggests that Tata's cars are traditional and outdated, while MG's cars are modern and fashionable.

The "taxi or tech" dig at Tata implies that their cars are only good for commercial use, while MG's cars are high-tech and trendy.

The marketing message "say tata to taxi vs drive something sexy" is a direct challenge to Tata's brand image, positioning MG's cars as sleek, stylish, and desirable.

These marketing messages are all about distinguishing respective brands and capturing a share of the growing electric car market.

Take a test drive, weigh your options, and make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and values if you're in the market for an electric car.

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