Do you know what the real cost of airbags is?

The company tells the price of one airbag is 15 thousand

The government is very active about the safety features in cars. The government is soon going to make at least 6 airbags mandatory in every car.

Somebody asked Nitin Gadkari in Parliament, when will 6 airbags be made mandatory. Gadkari said that the government is considering this proposal. It will be implemented soon.

A few days ago, Maruti chairman RC Bhargava said that cheap vehicles will become expensive due to 6 airbags. With 6 airbags, the price of the car will increase by 60 thousand rupees.

But now Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari gave information about the cost of an airbag in the Lok Sabha.

He said that the cost of an airbag is only Rs 800. According to Nitin Gadkari, the cost of one air bag is Rs 800 and the cost of 4 airbags is Rs 3200.

Apart from this, some sensors and supporting accessories are installed, which together can cost Rs 1300 to install an airbag. This means that the cost of 4 airbags will be Rs 5200.

Then why the company is telling the cost of airbags as 60 thousand rupees? According to Maruti's chairman RC Bhargava, the cost of an airbag is Rs 15,000.

Cars already have 2 airbags. The cost of installing additional 4 airbags will be Rs 60. That is, the cost of 15 thousand rupees per airbag will come.

What do you think, what will be the real cost of airbags, and is the decision to make 6 airbags mandatory