Do Electric Vehicles Really Require PUC?

Owners of electric vehicles are quite confused whether they want PUC or not.

PUC certificate is mandatory for petrol and diesel vehicles after one year. Because petrol and diesel vehicles burn fuel, due to which smoke comes out from the silencer of the vehicle.

This smoke contains some kind of harmful air. PUC is a test conducted by the government, which detects these harmful fumes. The government also gets the earnings of this test.

But the owners of electric vehicles are quite confused whether they want PUC or not. Because the photo of the traffic police challan is becoming quite viral.

For some time now even the owners of electric vehicles do not have PUC certificate, hence incidents of challan deducting have come to the fore. Recently a similar incident happened in Kerala.

The traffic police challaned an electric scooter of Ather, as it did not have a PUC certificate. These acknowledgments and scooters are now becoming very viral on the internet.

As per the acknowledgment of the challan and the vehicle number this acknowledgment is not a PUC certificate, hence appears to have been given. The challan that went viral carries a fine of Rs 250.

Do Electric Vehicles Really Have PUC? Electric vehicles have a motor and do not burn fuel, which does not emit smoke from them.

There is no silencer in the vehicle as there is no smoke coming out of them. How to check PUC if vehicle does not have silencer? Because PUC is checked with silencer.

Electric vehicles do not have silencers, so they do not require a PUC certificate. These are all fake photos and even before this the photo of all such fake challans had gone viral.

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