Why is the black car carrying Queen Elizabeth's body special?

The special thing is that this car has been specially designed for this purpose.

German company Binz International has created a Mercedes-Benz E-Class model to carry Queen Elizabeth's coffin.

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The Mercedes-Benz E-Class model comes with a longer wheelbase and rear desk.

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The overall length of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is 5,999 mm. Compared to the S212E, it is 1,104 mm longer.

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Also, the car gets 2,800 mm of casket deck space.

Image Source-Hull Live

There is a 750 mm tall window at the rear and the overall height of the car is 1,920.

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The car is 446 mm longer than the factory wagon.

Image Source-The New York Times

The Binz company that modified this car has been working with Mercedes-Benz since the 1950s.

Image Source-The New York Times

Binz began working directly with Mercedes-Benz to produce an ambulance version of the W120 Ponton sedan.

Image Source-The New York Times

Binz is a renowned coachbuilder. This company is famous for manufacturing ambulances, horse carriages for carrying coffins.

Image Source-The Guardian

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