Bajaj Avenger 220 Street: Rebirth of an Iconic Cruiser Bike

Publish On 13/05/23, By Adminsahil

Bajaj Avenger 220 Street returns alongside Avenger 220 Cruise, offering Indian customers an affordable cruiser motorcycle option.

With its familiar styling and powerful performance, the Avenger 220 Street exudes a bold and aggressive presence on the road.

Equipped with a digital instrument cluster, ABS, and a refined suspension system, the Avenger 220 Street ensures convenience and safety.

The updated BS6-compliant 220cc engine delivers an impressive output of 19 bhp and 17.55 Nm of peak torque, providing a thrilling riding experience.

Priced at Rs. 1.42 lakh, the Avenger 220 Street competes head-on with its variant, the Avenger 220 Cruise, giving buyers more options.

Bajaj Auto's decision to reintroduce the Avenger 220 Street demonstrates its confidence in the demand for affordable cruiser motorcycles in India.

The Avenger series, with its stylish design and competitive pricing, has been a popular choice among Indian riders.

By re-entering the market, Bajaj aims to strengthen its position as a prominent player in the two-wheeler industry.

The success of the Avenger 220 Street's re-launch will be closely monitored, as it could contribute to Bajaj's overall growth and market share.

With its comeback, the Avenger 220 Street offers riders a compelling option that combines style, performance, and affordability in one package.

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