4 wheeler bike is coming soon, know what will be special. 

Lazareth 4-wheeled bike features and price

A very great bike is about to debut in the two-wheeler segment. Lazareth company is working on a 4-wheeled bike and very soon this bike can be launched in the market.

If it is said that this company does not make conventional bikes, then it will not be wrong, the proof of this is the company's website. You see different bikes on this website

They also include bikes with 4 wheels. Lazareth's LM 410 has been given four wheels and along with it is the great Yamaha R1 engine. Let us tell you some special things and price of this bike

This four wheeler bike has a great look and it can stand upright. Despite having a wide tire bicep, this bike looks great. Chances of LM 410 becoming popular are very high.

The bike will be available for sale for EUR 100,000 (approximately Rs 77.39 lakh) and will be powered by the R1 engine in the LM 410.

The first model of this bike had a bigger 470 bhp Maserati V8 car engine. This bike was introduced at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show where this bike rocked.