2023 Bajaj Pulsar 125: Latest Features and Better Mileage 

Publish On 12/04/23, By Adminsahil

Bajaj Pulsar 125 gets MY2023 update with fuel injector, OBD-II diagnostics for improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Engine design simplified with one spark plug, updated graphics, and illuminated switchgear for a sleeker look.

Enhanced suspension system for smoother and more comfortable ride, along with larger disc brakes for improved stopping power.

New safety features include side-stand indicator and engine kill switch for increased rider safety.

Competitively priced with options for drum or disc brakes, alloy or spoked wheels, and available at all Bajaj dealerships in India.

Fuel injector provides precise fuel delivery and better air-fuel ratio optimization in real-time for improved performance.

OBD-II diagnostics monitor emissions and engine parameters for enhanced efficiency.

Streamlined engine casing with Bajaj branding for more efficient combustion process.

Updated graphics, alloy wheel design, and illuminated switchgear add to the overall appeal of the motorcycle.

Improved riding experience and safety features make the 2023 Bajaj Pulsar 125 a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts in India.