10 Most Advanced Features of Mahindra Thar.EV

Publish On 17/08/23, By Adminsahil

Mahindra ventures into electric territory with Vision Thar.e, a rugged concept redefining off-road legends.

Introducing the electrifying future: Vision Thar.e concept amps up the iconic Thar silhouette for a new era.

Mahindra's Vision Thar.e concept teases a 5-door variant – hinting at the Thar's expanding lineup.

Boxed and bold: Thar.e's face features a striking design with square LED headlights and a red towing hook.

Off-road prowess amplified: Vision Thar.e boasts Land Rover Defender-inspired wheel arches and chunky side steps.

Function meets style in the rear design of Thar.e – practical taillights and bumper mirror the front's aesthetic.

Swap and go: Thar.e components designed for quick fixes, ensuring seamless adventures on extreme trails.

Inside the modern beast: Thar.e cabin combines minimalism with functionality, featuring a bezel-less screen.

Electric muscle: Vision Thar.e expected to house a dual-motor setup and 60-80kWh battery for 4x4 capabilities.

A glimpse into the future: Mahindra's Vision Thar.e sets the stage for an electrifying rivalry with the Maruti Jimny.

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