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Volkswagen Polo Discontinued – Will the new Polo not arrive in India

Volkswagen Polo Discontinued: Volkswagen Polo Discontinued: Volkswagen Polo was first introduced in India in 2010 and now after 12 years, the Polo has been officially discontinued in India. The Polo needed a proper update as the features, face, and designs had become very outdated. If we talk about performance and handling, then to date no other hatchback in India has been able to compete with the Polo. When the news of Polo discontinuing came out, all Volkswagen fans felt that the new six-generation Polo would soon arrive in India. आप इसे हिंदी में भी पढ़ सकते है।

But recently a screenshot of an Instagram DM is going viral and an article has also gone viral with it which is from rushlane website. According to this screenshot and article, Volkswagen has no plans to launch the new generation of Polo in India. All the polo fans are saddened to hear this news, but this is incomplete news.

Volkswagen Polo Discontinued

Volkswagen did not say in this conversation that they will never launch the new Polo in India. He said that as of now he has no plans to bring New Generation Polo to the Indian market. This means that the Volkswagen Group is currently focusing on the new sedan as per its India 2.0 plan and may launch a sub-4 meter compact SUV after that. But that doesn’t mean that the new Polo will never come to India.

The Zigwheel website did an interview with Ashish Gupta, Brand Director, Volkswagen. It was said by the Volkswagen Brand Director that in 2023 they can bring the new Polo to India. The new Polo will be built in India on the new MQA-A0 platform with a depth of 4 meters inside. The polo being sold globally is more than 4 meters long. Taxes on 4-meter vehicles are high in India, if the same Polo is sold in India, then the price of New Polo will be very high and no one will take such an expensive hackback in India. That’s why Volkswagen will introduce the localized new generation Polo in India in the upcoming year.

Volkswagen Polo Discontinued

The new Polo will be built on the same platform as the Tiguan. New generation polo will not come in 2022. But by 2023 or 2024 there are more chances of new generation polo coming. So Polo fans need not be sad because by next year the new Polo will definitely come to India. That’s all in today’s article, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends and family.

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