Union Budget 2023: Know what was announced in the auto sector

The demand for vehicles has picked up again after the coronavirus pandemic, and the government is currently facing the challenges of acceptance and awareness of electric vehicles. The direct impact of the cost of raw materials is being seen in the prices of electric vehicles. If demand for EVs continues to rise, prices may come down as batteries and other components become more affordable. It is clear from this year’s budget that steps are being taken to promote electric vehicles.

Replace old vehicles

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced great news for the auto sector in the 2023 budget. In this, electric vehicles will be made available instead of old vehicles. Replacing polluting vehicles and replacing or removing polluting vehicles are essential for a green environment. Its biggest advantage will be in reducing pollution. This will help in creating a green environment.

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Electric cars will be cheaper

It has also been announced that cars will become cheaper in the 2023 Union Budget. This step will help the pocket of the common man and increase the production capacity of the country by encouraging people to buy electric cars. The government has shown a very positive attitude towards electric vehicles, so it will try to convert most consumers to electric cars while keeping prices stable.

What provision for the auto sector?

  • New electric vehicles will be available in place of old vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles will become cheaper.
  • The state will be helped in its electric vehicle policy, so that old vehicles can be replaced with new vehicles.
  • To create a clean environment, it is necessary to replace vehicles and remove polluting vehicles.
  • Apart from this, the old ambulances used over the years will be replaced, which will help in reducing pollution.

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