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Top 10 Best Selling SUV Cars of December 2021

Best Selling SUV Cars of December 2021

In this article, we are going to tell you the top 10 Best Selling SUV Cars of December 2021, which have sold the most in the month of December. Earlier, we had told about the best selling brands and 10 best selling cars. Looking at this list, you can guess, now how much Tata and Mahindra are being done in India. आप इसे हिंदी में भी पढ़ सकते हैं।

10. Kia Sonet

On the tenth position is Kia Sonet, 3578 units of Kia Sonet have been sold in the month of December. December was not a good month for Kia. Kia used to stay in 4th position every month, but in December she is ahead at 7th position.

9. Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra XUV700 is in the ninth position, in the month of December, Mahindra XUV700 has sold 3980 units. The booking of this vehicle is very high, if the company delivers it properly, then this vehicle can become the best selling SUV.

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8. Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos is in the 8th position, in the month of December, 4012 units of Kia Seltos have been sold.

7. Mahindra XUV 300

Mahindra XUV 300

Mahindra XUV300 is in the seventh position, in the month of December 4260 units of Mahindra XUV300 have been sold.

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6. Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Bolero

On the 6th position is Mahindra Bolero, in the month of December, Mahindra Bolero has sold 5314 units. This sale is inclusive of both Standard and Neo Bolero.

5. Hyundai Creta

Best selling car brand in December 2021

At the fifth position is Hyundai Creta, in the month of December, Hyundai Creta has sold 7609 units. December has also not been a good month for Hyundai, for years, Hyundai remained the second largest company in India. But in the month of December, Tata takeover Hyundai, and now Hyundai is ahead by taking 3 positions.

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4. Tata Punch

Mahindra Bolero

On the fourth position is Tata Punch. In the month of December, Tata Punch has sold 8008 units. Tata Punch has got the highest rating of 5 stars in crash tests and is a micro SUV.

3. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

On the third position is Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, 9531 units of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza have been sold in the month of December. Vitara Brezza is the only car from Maruti Suzuki to get 4 stars in the crash test.

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2. Hyundai Venue

Hyundai Venue

On the second position is Hyundai Venue, in the month of December, Hyundai Venue has sold 10360 units.

1. Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon

On the first position is Tata Nexon, 12899 units of Tata Nexon have been sold in the month of December. At one time, the sales of all Tata vehicles together used to be 14 or 15 thousand and now the sales of Nexon alone have been 13 thousand. How much difference has come, within just 1 or 2 years.

This was the list of the best selling SUV cars of December 2021. So what do you think, which car is missing in this list, definitely tell by commenting.

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