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These EV Batteries Could Power Rocks Millions of Electric Vehicles

Whenever we think about Electric Vehicles, we hear reports of how they might be bad or how hard it is to get the battery components but with this news report, we think the future looks great. There is a special type of rock on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where we could see a million electric vehicles batteries just sitting on the bottom of the ocean.

There were a few researchers who were on the Maersk launcher looking for the best ways to bring these rocks to the surface and test them out to see if they can actually make up batteries with them. This is honestly a big development because we generally keep searching for raw materials and if they are available this way, it would help in not only getting them but a big supply means lowered price points pushing more people towards EVs.

“We’re trying to better understand the environment at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where there is a very large, abundant supply of these polymetallic nodules,” said Gerard Barron holding what looks like a lumpy black rock.

According to the CEO of Vancouver-based Metals Company, there are billions of rocks that could easily help to charge up a billion electric vehicles, and they literally just lie there like golf balls and the best thing is that they contain everything that’s needed to build an electric vehicle battery.

Each rock contains metals like nickel, cobalt, and copper. Barron said mining those elements now is devastating for the environment. “Historically, when we think about metals, it involves some pretty nasty practices,” Barron said. “You don’t have to drill or dig or blast to get to [the polymetallic nodules]. These rocks are literally lying on the ocean floor.”

“Everyone says the future is green, but actually a green future is metallic,” added Barron. “And Mother Nature was very kind to put a very high concentration of these rocks in one little area.” We are totally looking forward to this & wish it happens to be a Reality very soon.

My name is Sahil Pathan and I have done a diploma course in mechanics and I am very much fond of vehicles since childhood. I watch only car shows on TV too. I have very good knowledge of cars and bikes, that's why I have created this blog.

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