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The world-first flying bike has arrived, such will be the flying bike

The world’s first flying bike has arrived

Flying Bike: You must have seen bikes moving on your roads and superbikes running on race tracks. But have you ever seen a bike flying in the sky? If you haven’t seen it, watch it now. These people are trying to fly sitting on the machine, this is not a plane or a helicopter but a bike. A Japanese company has made this flying bike. Tokyo-based drone startup ALI Technology has designed this hoverbike. It has been named XTurismo Limited Edition. After the successful sting of the bike, the company has started its booking on 26 October.

This company will make only 200 such flying bikes. The company’s chief executive Daisuke Katna says that they are offering a new method for the movement. The bike was also flown and rotated in the air during testing. Mitsubishi Electric and Kiusera are supporting this start-up. The company has claimed about this bike, this bike can be flown for 40 minutes at a time. Its top speed can go up to 100 kilometers per hour. In this, a conventional engine powered by petrol has been used. Four batteries were installed to power the bike’s motor.

The price of this bike will be 77.7 million i.e. about Rs 5.09 crore. The body of this bike looks like a motorcycle. Propellers were made on its top. The landing remains on the skit while the machine is stationary. This bike was demonstrated near Amount Fuji, in which the shot was written in the air a few meters above the ground. Attitude technology was used in its preparation. The company uses this technology in its drones. In this technique, propellers are used, so that the bike or drone can balance in the air. For this in the bike, propellers have been installed on all four corners, which help it to fly.

The internal combustion engine of the XTurismo hoverbike is battery operated as well as electrically. The weight of this bike is around 300 kg. Its length is 3.7 m, the climb is 2.4 m and height is 1.5 m. At present, only one pilot can sit in it. The company aims to bring a fully electric version of the XTurismo by the year 2025. Using this bike, the rescue team can reach difficult places. By changing the padding hood, the potential application of the bike can be extended. The deliveries of this limited edition flying bike will start next year.

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