The Price of 6 Alto in India would be the same as 1 Alto in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently facing a serious economic situation, which has forced many people to struggle even for basic necessities like food and water. The country’s economy has reached rock bottom, inflation has reached new records, and rising prices of many daily commodities and services are making it difficult for people to afford them. In this environment, even cars considered affordable in India, such as the Maruti Alto, have become impossible for many Pakistanis.

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The biggest factor contributing to Pakistan’s economic struggles is the weakness of the Pakistani currency against the US dollar. Currently, 1 US dollar is equal to 261.87 Pakistani rupees, while in India, 1 dollar is equal to 82.76 Indian rupees. This means that many items that are priced in dollars, such as cars, are more expensive in Pakistan compared to other countries.

For example, the Maruti Alto, which is a popular and affordable hatchback in India, is sold under the Suzuki brand in Pakistan. In India, the base model of Alto starts at INR 350,000 and goes up to INR 512,000 for the top model. In contrast, in Pakistan, the price of Alto starts at around PKR 21 lakh and goes up to PKR 27 lakh for the top model. Even the prices on the street are higher in Pakistan, which is making it difficult for many people to cope with their financial situation.”

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