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Tesla Model S Plaid Price in India, Top Speed, Features 2021

Tesla Model S Plaid Price in India, Speed and Features

Tesla Model S Plaid Price in India:- Welcome to vehiclemech.com, Today in this article we will talk about Tesla’s new model S Plaid, is this car really the fastest car ever, can this car accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds and its Tesla  What other features have been given and what will be the price of this car and whether or not this car will come to India and if it will come, then what will be its price.  Along with this, we will also do a full review of this car.

Tesla Model S Overview

Vehicle Type electric hatchback
Motor Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive
Hp 1020Hp
Range 500 kilometres
charger Tesla fast charging technology

About Tesla Model S Plaid

All the way back in January of this year, Tesla announced the Model S refresh from the outside not much has changed to the untrained eye it looks pretty much the same as a normal Model S has for the past couple of years. But the interior is entirely new, as well as most of the internals of this car. Elon originally said in January that it was coming next month, but after many delays, it is finally here and Tesla launched the first Model S plaid at the delivery event on June 10. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Price in India

Per usual they are launching first with their most expensive model the plaid model, it gets a wild 0 to 100 in under two seconds, a quarter mile of 9.23 seconds, a top speed of 320 kilometres per hour, and costs around $130,000 (INR. 96.50 lakh). It’s pricey but far cheaper than any other vehicle that can go nearly that fast and it’s the fastest production car ever. Today we’re reviewing the new plaid model and overall this car is nearly identical to the cheaper long range model at $80,000 (INR. 60 lakh). The only differences come in performance, which is beyond ludicrous. And a couple small performance upgrades. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Motor

Tesla Model S Plaid Motor

Motor Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive
Peak power 1020ho
0 to 100 1.99 Second
Top Speed 320
Range 50

Long Range and Plaid platforms unite powertrain and battery technologies for unrivaled performance, range and efficiency. New module and pack thermal architecture allows faster charging and gives you more power and endurance in all conditions.

Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive platform with torque vectoring features three independent motors, each with a carbon-sleeved rotor that maintains peak power output all the way to top speed.

Tesla Model S Plaid Sensor

So while I am reviewing the plain Model S and will of course do an insane to second launch. This also all applies for the long range model which should be delivering to customers in the coming weeks in US. From the outside, as I mentioned, the plaid Model S looks largely the same and has the same eight cameras covering the autopilot system and it still includes a radar sensor. So it’s the same autopilot suite that we’ve seen for years on the Model S it has a beautiful panoramic glass roof very similar to what the model y has, has the same door handles that retract and present themselves to you when you walk up to the car. But this time they are black instead of being matte black like they are on the model 3 in the model Y they are satin black on the Model S as well as the upcoming Model X. 

Tesla Model S Plaid wheels

Tesla Model S Plaid Wheels

There are two different types of wheels for the Model S there’s the standard 19 inch wheels, which come with hubcaps called The Tempest wheels. And then there are these beautiful 21 inch wheels for an extra $4500.

Tesla Model S Plaid Space/Storage

Tesla Model S Plaid Spece

Similar to before there is a large front trunk for extra storage since there is not a traditional engine in this car. There’s a lot of space in the back thanks to the large hatchback. And there’s the under storage compartment as well. I often compare this car to the model y and storage space because it has all the same storage locations, but the model y is just taller. If you need additional storage, the rear seats fold down at a touch of a button to open up this massive space in the back. 

Tesla Model S Comfort and Update

Reportedly, Tesla will be making a seven seater version of this model S but for now they’re only selling a five seater. So there are two seats in front and three seats in the back. As I talked about earlier, the biggest improvements to this car are the interior and it feels entirely new with three screens. The yoke steering wheel is arguably the biggest design change on this car because it is not a traditional wheel by any means. And on top of the shape of the wheel, it actually gets rid of stocks entirely. There’s not a blinker stock, there’s not a drive stock. None of that is on this car and all of it has either been shifted to buttons on the wheel or to the screen. 

Now the door buttons have also been improved and taken from the design of the model 3, where you press this little button, it pops open the door and then you take it from there, the dash is overall much cleaner. And it’s because it’s using this new invisible AC as Tesla likes to call it. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Features

It’s the ventless design taken from the model three where you adjust the vents on screen, the headliner is dark and one thing you may notice is that there is now a new cabin facing camera. This camera supposedly will be used for the robo taxi network in the future, but in the near term, it will likely be used for driver monitoring via software updates. Up front there is a wireless charger for two smartphones and there’s also one in the rear and we’ll talk about that more in a second. The centre console has a few different options and a few different sliding drawers. And then the glovebox actually opens incredibly soft and it was actually kind of nice to open. The seats are now ventilated. And that feels great to us. They’re also adjustable with these controls. And don’t worry both passenger and driver have lumbar support. 

When you’re driving this is your view, you can very clearly see the instrument cluster right in front of you thanks to the yoke steering wheel, and you can see that 17 inch screen right next to you. It’s overall a very clean and very useful design. In the back is the third screen. We’ll do a deep dive into both of those screens in just a minute. But first let’s talk about the rear seats. Three can sit in the back. This is what the view looks like from the back with the all glass roof and you can fold the middle seat forward as an armrest for passengers and it also has a built in wireless charger there for two smartphones, as well as cupholders. The screen in the back is beautiful. It arguably has kind of large bezels compared to what other screens may be, but it still looks great and falls right in line with the quality of the front screen. My only question is Would it cause issues when you’re looking down at this screen all the time.

Tesla Model S Plaid Driving Experience

Driving the New Model S. And overall, you can see that this is your view. And it’s a very good expansive panoramic view, you have great views of what’s all around you. And the yoke arguably makes it a lot easier to see the instrument cluster. Driving the yoke will take some getting used to from anyone but the controls on it are fairly simple to use. Overall, the car drives as it should, and it’s incredibly smooth and great to drive. It’s a very smooth ride, and it’s also a very quiet ride inside. But let’s get into the most exciting part about the plain with the launches. 

Tesla Model S Plaid 0 to  100

As I mentioned, this does 0 to 100 in two seconds or less. And it has some added visualisations to really make that launch shine on the instrument cluster.

Let’s check it out right here. That was it. That was a launch 0 to 100. absolutely insane.
That’s insane.
Oh my gosh,
it’s pretty unbelievable just how fast this car actually goes, I legitimately felt the sensation of my face melting off. And I don’t put that lightly. This is the fastest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life faster than any roller coaster just for good measure. Let’s
go ahead and do one more launch. This car is just too much fun. And this is the added benefit you get with the plaid model,
it’s still going to be absolutely amazing with 3.1 seconds 0 to 100 in the long range model. But the plaid takes it to a whole nother level. Alright, so this is the yoke right here. And like it or not all the controls on here are very good and easy to use the scroll wheels, the scroll even better than the model 3 in the model. Why do and then these buttons they have really great feedback. 
So if I’m going to hold my finger here to turn, I put it there and I just felt a vibration. And it’s gonna keep signalling until I let go, then it stops. On this one, I felt the vibration keeps signalling till I stop, I press harder. And then it keeps going until I press it again, press harder keeps going until I press it again or until I make the turn. And then this one’s extra sensitive right here. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Lights

Lights, the brights turn on, rights turn off. This is your horn right there. That obviously works. But this is just an indicator to say that you can go into autopilot using the scroll wheel. And then there’s this new voice commands button here because on the model 3 in the model Y you would press this scroll wheel to do those voice commands, overall buttons wise and trying out shifting on screen, I think it’s a great alternative to having stocks, I don’t think I would miss stocks owning this car whatsoever.

Tesla Model S Plaid Screen

Tesla Model S Plaid Screen

So here is the new screen on the Model S and so far. It’s fantastic. It looks incredible when you see it in person, the resolution is great. Of course, it’s two inches bigger on the diagonal. And it doesn’t have to have your driving info here. So you have a lot more real estate. But everything is incredibly responsive when you go to type. It’s just a lot faster than what is in the model three in the model Y. And it makes me think that this software and everything might be exclusive to the Model S and X because of an updated computer. 

But here are your main controls, you know, you’ve got everything from trunk opening back there, and you have your main controls here. And it’s really nice, because at anytime you can just bring up your cameras. And one of the cool features of this car too, is that, of course it’s going to keep my maps up at any time. But I can shift anything around at any time. So if I move this over here, and then I bring up my music controls, I can shift over my music, if I want to control my music, and I don’t really need to know where I’m going. But I want that just to be on the side there. It’s very, very handy. And again, very responsive when you’re doing things like this. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Pedal and Steering

Tesla Model S Plaid steering wheel

So in pedals and steering, we have plaid mode, because this is the plaid model, comfort, standard sport, all that kind of stuff. And this is one of the big things auto shift out of Park. So if we turn that on, it’s going to tell me what the directions are for

this. So essentially, it’s going to choose for me when I hit the brake going out of Park every other time, I’m going to have to shift on screen with this little thing right here I go down to go to reverse and up to go forward.

So now I’m going to try out auto shift out of Park. So I have to fasten my seatbelt. And then I put my foot on the brake. And it just chose reverse for me, which is pretty wild. So as soon as I hit the accelerator, it’s going to go into reverse. If I want to change it, go forward. Reverse it’s honestly incredibly fast and easy, way easier than I expected. And again, the screen is so responsive, that it makes this shifting field just as easy as hitting a stock right here. If I want to go into Park, I press the brake and then tap depart. Honestly very simple right there. Shifting gears here. 

I think most people will just end up shifting gears on screen like that. It’s incredibly easy. But this is the backup method. Backup method is the base of this wireless charger. And as you can see in other shots, it really doesn’t show these buttons unless you wake it up. So I had to actually tap this and no of times, and then it beeped at me. And then knees showed up. But now they are there. So if I want to go into reverse foot on the brake, and let me press reverse, there we go shifted into reverse. I can also, of course, do this on screen. And honestly, that’s going to be easier at this point, in my opinion, but going into Park works on there too, going into drive. So these buttons all do function. They’re just a backup method. For suspension. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Autopilot

There’s all this different information that it gives you, which is pretty cool. And you can choose your comfort auto sport or advanced adaptive suspension dampening. Comfort provides a gentle or ride for a relaxed driving experience auto adjust to a wide range of driving styles. Sport provides a firmer, more controlled ride advanced allows you to customise ride comfort and vehicle handling independently. And you can see you have all your settings here. So if you click Advanced, I can actually dial in my sport and comfort handling, or dial in my firm or soft ride comfort and the right height as well. Now autopilot has a different setting because to go into autopilot, you actually activate it with the scroll wheel on the yoke. So you can choose single click or double click and then here in software, we can see that it’s running version 10.2 2021.12.4.3. So it is not distinguished as version 11 by Tesla, so we can bring up our cameras at any time. And then we have this dock right here. And we can customise what is in the bottom. But the dock brings up all these apps pretty easily right there with that button. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Sound System

Tesla Model S Plaid sounds system

So here is streaming and then I can choose all my different types of music here. And I can also customise which ones are going to be in the docks, I can even move Spotify down to the dock, it’s already there. And then for entertainment, this is all the same as it is in pretty much every other Tesla, except it’s just in this new interface. So I’ve been listening to music for a little bit here sound system is absolutely amazing. And this is just as good if not better. 

Tesla Model S Plaid AC

Now our climate controls are over here. And they’re actually much more accessible. I like that they’re very close to where I would be driving, I’m driving here and bam, that’s where my climate controls are. And I can bring them up. And it’s just like the model 3 in the model, we have the Model S did not previously have this. So it’s the same invisible AC system. And because it’s a Model S it also has hyperfiltration right here that I can turn on, it’s gonna get super loud. And also the yoke steering wheel does have heating right there. So as you can see right here, there’s a new option for cool and heat. So it’s basically the same options as heated seats before except I can have it on cool. Right now it feels great to have these seats cooling me because it’s very hot outside. And it’s doing a fantastic job. I wish I had these cooled ventilated seats. 

Now, regarding this screen, it was originally supposed to rotate or tilt. It definitely doesn’t it is fixed. I’ve heard rumours that it will be able to do so in software updates. But it seems to be fixed right now and doesn’t seem to need to tilt. Alright, so here’s the rear screen. And we have four basic things. We have music, climate control, heated seats, slash cooled seats, and then your media. And you can also adjust volume back here. And you can also adjust your temperature just right there. Now here is the invisible AC control, it says tap air wave to control. And it’s cool because each side is actually independent for each passenger in the back here. So I can move this one over to here. And it’s very strong, it’s much better than the vents used to be. So here we have our heated seats, I can turn those on or off. And then the right and the left seats have ventilation, but I’m not seeing the options for those. So I’m not sure where you would change those. But then we have the same Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Twitch so it works just as fast as the front screen. And it’s working again independent of that front screen. So this is really dedicated for rear passengers. And then I’m gonna guess we swipe down to get rid of it. Yep. It’s much more like an iPad than it used to be.


How fast will Model S plaid be?

The Tesla Model S Plaid can accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 1.99 seconds and has a top speed of 320 km/h.

What is Tesla plaid mode?

Tesla plaid is the new model of Tesla company, which is the fastest car ever.

Is Tesla Model S bulletproof?

No, Tesla company does not officially provide bulletproofing in Model S, you can bulletproof an after-market Model S.

Why is the Tesla Model S so expensive?

Tesla Model S is not very expensive, according to its segment and now it has been given its powerful motor of 1020hp.

What is Tesla Model S top speed?

The top speed of the new model Tesla Model S is 320 kilometers per hour.

Why is Tesla Model S so fast?

The reason why the Tesla Model S is fast is its powerful 1020hp motor.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla S plaid?

It takes about an hour for the Tesla Model S to charge.

Tesla Model S Plaid torque?

The torque of the Tesla Model S Plaid is 1020hp.

Tesla Model S Plaid top speed?

The top speed of the Tesla Model S Plaid is 320 kmph.

What is the price of a tesla model s?

Tesla’s new model S Plaid costs around $98,000.


Overall, the interior and the responsiveness of everything in the interior from the screens, and everything that’s now moved to a screen is fantastic. And it really stands out to me before I felt like the Model S and X were fantastic cars. But the model 3 and y were a little bit updated and felt more modern than the Model S and X. Now the New Model S and X feel like the updated cars and I honestly kind of wish I could get one I still would have loved to see the exterior updated on the Model S but for now this definitely brings this car into the future and revitalises it for me.
My name is Sahil Pathan and I have done a diploma course in mechanics and I am very much fond of vehicles since childhood. I watch only car shows on TV too. I have very good knowledge of cars and bikes, that's why I have created this blog.

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