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Tata will launch 2 cars at Auto Expo – which will give a 500 km range in 30 minutes

Tata Motors is planning to showcase an electric car at this year’s Auto Expo. The company will increase the number of electric cars it manufactures as well as their charging speed and range. The expo is happening in Delhi next week, where Tata will showcase the concept cars of Punch Electric.

Tata will launch 2 cars at Auto Expo 2023

Tata will showcase two new concept cars at the Auto Expo. A futuristic mid-size SUV is the Curvv, which will be launched with both ICE and electric powertrains. The other is an electric car named Avinya.

Tata may launch a new line of concept cars by the end of 2024. These cars have been built using Tata’s new digital design language. The company had given some information about them in April last year. let’s find out…

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Tata Avinya

Tata Avinya is a concept car that was unveiled in April last year. It uses Gen 3 architecture with an electric motor and battery. The ‘T’ logo on the grille will house the slim headlights and smartly styled front splitter. It could be a crossover electric vehicle.

The company is expected to provide an ultra-fast charging setup that will charge the car enough to give it a range of up to 500 km in just 30 minutes. The vehicle is also likely to get Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Tata Curvv

The Curvv has been designed with a curvy body and roof, giving it a coupe-like shape at the rear. The design features sharp styling, a three-layer dashboard, multiple screens, and an angular look.

Tata said that the new generation 2 EV architecture would be used in the Curvv concept model. The Gen 2 architecture is an upgraded version of the Gen 1, with different powertrain options like a bigger battery and all-wheel drive. This car can give a driving range of up to 500 km on a single charge and will be fitted with a camera instead of a rearview mirror.

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