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TATA Sumo Name Story | How Tata Sumo got the name Sumo

Tata Sumo name story – Welcome to VehicleMech. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the impressive and reliable Tata Sumo, which is considered to be the public people’s career of India. Which has been running on Indian roads and mountains for years. How Tata Sumo was named Sumo and why Tata Motors selected the word Sumo only. You can also read it in Hindi

TATA Sumo Name Story

Tata is one Indian brand that has products like Jaguar and Range Rover in its inventory and has taken the Indian car manufacturing and the auto industry to the next level. When Tata Sumo was launched in 1990, Tata Motors was known as TELCO. TELCO meant Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company.

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So now we come to the question, if you ask anyone, he will feel that Tata Sumo would have been named Sumo after looking at the size, ruggedness, and strength of the vehicle. Because the real meaning of sumo is a Japanese form of wrestling and sumo is a wrestler. Those who are fat and their body is huge and they are very strong.

How Tata Sumo got the name Sumo

How Tata Sumo got the name Sumo

So most people think that the name Tata Sumo may have been derived from Japanese sport sumo wrestling. But it is not so, in fact the name Sumo was kept in such a way that the name of the Chief Executive Officer of Tata Engineering Locomotive Company Telco was Sumant Moolgaonkar. The initials of his name were taken from SU Sumant and MO from Moolgaonkar and it was a tribute to Sumant Moolgaonkar on behalf of Tata Motors and that is why the vehicle was named SUMO.

Why was Tata Sumo named after Sumant Moolgaonkar

Because of this, we will let you know. During the days when research and development were going on in Tata Sumo, Mr. Sumit Moolgaonkar used to be quite missing during lunch time. So the top management wondered why Sumit is missing during lunchtime and thought that some Tata dealers were sneaking in to know his insides and providing him 5-star lunch. To know this the top management started chasing him and they started spying on him.

TATA Sumo Name Story | How Tata Sumo got the name Sumo

They have never found their car parked in a 5 star or fancy hotel. The top management came to know from this that Mr. Suman was having lunch with truckers at open parking and highway Dhaba. He used to launch with the driver so that he could get feedback from the Tata truck driver and know what he needed to improve in his vehicles.

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To this extent, his involvement was in Tata Motors or Telco. At launch time, the feedback that came from the driver was shared with his own RND team, which would improve the product. Because of his vision and dedication, Tata Motors’ RND is at such heights today, where Indian manufacturers could not even imagine in those days.

This was the story behind the name of Tata Sumo and to pay tribute to Padma Bhushan Mr. Sumit Moolgaonkar, the management of Tata Motors has named this SUV Tata Sumo. The one who supported the people of India for thousands of kilometers and is giving even more. So if you like this information, then do share it.

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