Solar powered car has arrived, how is it?

Solar powered car has arrived, know the price and features.

Solar powered car: Sono is a new electric startup that is in its infancy stage, which was established in January 2016 and they are working on cars for the last 5 years. Now they have launched the first vehicle and this vehicle runs on solar power, it has been named Sono Sion.

This is a very interesting vehicle, as you not only get to use the electric charging option but also enjoy the solar charging and it comes with solar panels all around. This means you can use every outside surface of the car to charge it.

Solar powered car

The car is a minivan and gets solar panels and you can see these on the roof, front bonnet, and doors as well. This means with enough sunlight you can charge it even while driving.

Another interesting and unique thing about this car is that it acts like a power bank, which means you can use the car battery to charge other devices as well. Since it comes with a two-way charging socket, you can charge your electrical devices as well as any other vehicle.

Solar powered car

The Solar powered car Sono Cyan comes with a battery capacity of 54 kWh. This gives you a driving range of 155 miles i.e. around 250Km, which is obviously very little, but it comes with a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, which is the Tesla Model 3 sold exclusively in China. If you drive it in the sun, the cars keep on charging, giving you more range. Special, it can be a good choice for people living in countries with good sunshine.

You can add to the battery an average range of 21.6 miles i.e. approx 35-40 Km by using the solar charging option. So you can’t completely rely on it, but it does help. Indian companies should also adopt this concept. Especially on a vehicle used in the rental business where cars are driven all the time.

The cost of a Solar powered car is 25000 euros which is around Rs 21 lakhs. The pre-order for this vehicle is currently on and deliveries will start in 2023.

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