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Smartphone Brands Going to Make Electric Vehicle

Apple has been working on an Electric Car for a long long time and this is something we have been hearing but never saw in reality. A recent report confirmed that Apple is working on the new car and might launch it in 2025 itself with a full self-driving mode, only time shall tell the reality but we are definitely looking forward to Apple because we trust the brand

Xiaomi – The china ka maal taste main company, where you can definitely buy products for cheap but don’t expect great quality, and they registered the EV company this year in March 2021 and have invested a big amount to bring a new electric car in 2024.

Foxconn – The company that manufactures Apple iPhone’s and with the large manufacturing facility this company is expected to bring their own electric car. With the R&D Facilities and large teams in hand, this company has a big benefit in hand and they are already working with a Taiwanese auto-maker Yulon Motors and have revealed three prototype vehicles. No exact details were revealed but we can expect something in the near future.

BBK Group – OPPO, OnePlus, Vivo, Realme

Most of the companies of the BBK Group which are OPPO, OnePlus, Vivo and Realme are already registering different trademarks for Electric Cars, Bikes, Scooters, Electric Boards, and even wheelchairs. The problem right now I see is that these are all generic trademarks and none of these companies have shown real investments or developments but then Oneplus did show a car under a prank called the OnePlus Warp car though it was an April fools Joke so just ignore that.

In short many of smartphone, companies are getting started working on Electric Cars and this might be a good thing for the EV Ecosystem because many players would be competing and bringing the prices down while showcasing different features.

My name is Sahil Pathan and I have done a diploma course in mechanics and I am very much fond of vehicles since childhood. I watch only car shows on TV too. I have very good knowledge of cars and bikes, that's why I have created this blog.

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