Roadside Assistance; All You Need to Know About?

Well, the improved chip supply in the past few months has affected car sales growth. Yes, it has accelerated the delivery of cars even to waiting customers (700,000). According to Economic Times the 4-wheelers estimated to be dispatched in July month were around 350,000 units which were valued at around INR 25,000 crore (₹).

Of course, the increased demand and supply chain has also led to Roadside Assistance. What do you think? Is it necessary or just worthless? Vehicles can cause failure anytime, on the road, at home, or even during long traveling. It’s not that car needs it but any 2-wheeler too. If you need one, why don’t you check for reliable options for Roadside Assistance at Droom?

Here lets us brief everything you should know about automobile roadside assistance.

Defining Roadside Assistance?

The sudden issues and faults in your vehicle that covers under add-on assistance are RSA. It comes with the support of a vehicle insurance policy when you buy or renew it.

This is, of course, immediate assistance to support your automobile damages, faults, etc., on the road. It is, in fact, suggested to have 24×7 Roadside Assistance that comes within automobile insurance cover, as well as its benefits.

The RAS (Roadside Assistance) Cover Services:

Taking bike or Car Roadside Assistance is best if it covers ample benefits and insurance of the vehicle. It will help you with easy-to-reach professional assistance when you are stuck on the road with automobile issues. From minor damages and repairs to big vehicle troubles, all should be covered under roadside assistance is a must.

Therefore, check the services below;

1. Flat Tyre: That’s very common in vehicles to get flat tire issues on the road. Not every car owner is an expert on changing or replacing a new tire with a punctured one. Thus, need mechanical help immediately, so roadside assistance service is a must. It will either tow the vehicle to the nearest garage or help with tire change at your desired location.

2. Run Down Battery: The vehicle doesn’t start seamlessly suddenly; the battery shreds. Car or bike roadside assistance is excellent for jump-starting and get it to move. The poor maintenance and loss of water can make the battery fail, which needs to be handled as it stops working on the automobile.

3. Minor Repairs: Sudden small repairs are needed for your automobile. That’s common and easy to handle when you have nearby mechanical help or service station. What if you are remoted somewhere and stuck with such minor issues? Of course, take benefit assistance available roadside for easy repairing help via call or reaching you directly.

4. Anywhere/Anytime Fuelling: No use of the vehicle with a shortage of fuel. Therefore 24×7 roadside assistance is a great help to cover you with at least 5 liters of fuel at your desired destination. Yeah! This is enough to reach the nearby fuelling station, but you need to pay for it. This will aid your reach, especially when you have a risky and remote location.

5. Spare Keys: Don’t panic if you have suddenly lost your vehicle keys or misplaced them. Call your roadside assistance service or vehicle policy support to help you with it. They will help you professionally to retrieve spare keys within a 100 km radius. If you have locked keys inside the car, or keys are not working/damaged/broken, then also it ensures reliable service.

6. Vehicle Towing Facility: The vehicle’s major mechanical or electrical failure needs towing service. It’s a case when your automobile can’t be repaired on the spot and need a proper inspection, including garage service. Towing is always taken care of by the insurer. This is even great in case of road accidents to get the right and safest reach.

7. Taxi Service or Travel Arrangement: As a policyholder, you can even get the safest and comfiest reach to your desired destination if the vehicle undergoes repair. You can ask for office/home taxi/cab assistance to have easy reach. If you are out on the journey and your vehicle fails, you can go to convenient places like a cafe/hotel or other accommodation.

8. Urgent Message Relay: Urgent messaging to family or friends is important when such unfortunate cases with vehicles happen all of a sudden. This is good to give your family a message not to get panicky, stressed, and disturbed with safety in such a situation.

The Bottom Line:

We hope your wondered issues on roadside assistance services end with the points mentioned above. If you want one, why don’t you explore the services? Yeah! No matter whether you have a car or bike, it is a must.

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My name is Sahil Pathan and I have done a diploma course in mechanics and I am very much fond of vehicles since childhood. I watch only car shows on TV too. I have very good knowledge of cars and bikes, that's why I have created this blog.

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