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Petrol price to be reduced by Rs 25

The price of petrol is going to be reduced by Rs 25, but it is also important to know that the petrol which is being reduced by Rs 25, where will it happen, when will it happen and who are those people who will be able to get the benefit of it? Because you all know that the price of petrol and diesel has been a hot topic in India for a long time. In such a situation, the Jharkhand government has taken a big decision. But even if you do not live in Jharkhand, you should understand this scheme, because in the coming time many different state governments can also implement it.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren implemented many different schemes on the occasion of completion of 2 years of his government in Jharkhand and one of them is about the price of petrol. First, let me tell you their official statement. After that, I will tell you many more questions and more things about the scheme.

Jharkhand government official statement

What is the petrol scheme of Jharkhand government.

Petrol and diesel prices are touching the sky today. This has had a bad effect on poor and middle-class families. A poor person, having a motorcycle in the house, is unable to drive it due to lack of petrol money and unable to go to the market to sell crops. Therefore, I have decided that if such ration card holders fill petrol in their motorcycle or scooter, then we will transfer the amount to their bank account at the rate of Rs.25 per liter. We are going to implement this system from 26th January and a poor family can get this amount up to 10 liters of petrol per month. This is the Jharkhand government official statement.

Who is this scheme for?

Basically, if you live in Jharkhand, you have a ration card, then you will get a subsidy of Rs 25 on 10 liters of petrol every month, that is, a subsidy of Rs 250 will be received directly in your bank account every month. This scheme is only for those ration-card holders who have scooters or bikes. This scheme is not for those who have a car.

How many people will get this scheme on one ration card.

Even if there is more than one bike or scooter in a family, the subsidy will be available only on 10 liters of petrol on one ration card. The subsidy will not be available on bikes or scooters, the subsidy will be available on the ration cards. If you have two bikes in your family, then you will not get a subsidy of 10 liters per two bikes. You will get a subsidy on just 10 liters. Whether you fill 10 liters of petrol in one bike or whether you fill 5-5 liters of petrol in both the bikes. You will get a subsidy only on 10 liters on one ration card i.e. a subsidy of Rs 250 will be available on one ration card.

How will I get subsidy money?

You will get the subsidy money directly in the bank account. The bank account which will be connected with your ration card will get subsidy money in that account.

At which petrol pump this scheme will be available

One who has ration card, who is poor and subsidized petrol pump is 10-20 km away from his house, then a lot of petrol will be wasted in his visit. That is why this Rs 25 subsidy scheme will be available at almost all petrol pumps of Jharkhand.

Subsidy will also be available on expensive bikes.

Even if someone goes to fill petrol with an expensive bike worth 3-4 lakhs, they will still get this subsidy? No, this scheme is for poor people and no poor has a bike worth 3-4 lakhs. This subsidy is going to be available on bikes below 200cc.

There will be some day to get this subsidy.

Just like one day is fixed in the ration shop, to get ration. Will it is fixed someday in the same way, these subsidies will be available on this day of filling petrol. No, it will not happen that if one day it is fixed then the petrol pump will become very crowded. That is why there will be no fixed day to fill petrol, anytime you fill petrol you will get subsidy on 10 liters in a month.

How much petrol needs to be filled in one go?

This scheme is for poor people, poor people do not have enough money so that they can fill 10 or 5 liters of petrol at a time. That is why there will be no limit for filling petrol in this scheme.

The Jharkhand government has taken a very good step through this scheme, due to which very poor people will get relief at the price of petrol. So what do you have to know about this scheme and whether all the states should launch this scheme, what do you have to say, do tell us by commenting.

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