Now any bike can be driven on LPG, 90 KM will run in 70 rupees

Bike can be driven on LPG: In the era of expensive petrol, diesel, and rising pollution, a mechanic has made a wonderful jugaad, which can prove to be cheap and luxurious for the common people. Mechanic Khan, who lives in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, is running a bike by fitting a gas kit in the trunk of the bike. They claim that this bike is running for 250 km with a gas kit of 3 kg. This jugaad does not cost much money in the gas kit. A gas kit is installed for only 3 to 4 thousand and then after refilling 3 kg, the bike runs for 250 km.

There is a huge crowd of people getting gas kits installed in the small garage of mechanic Azhar Khan on Bistan Road in Khargone. If you run out of gas, you can also drive on petrol. Mechanic says, 1 liter of petrol comes for Rs.108. With the same gas kit, the bike goes for 80 to 90 kilometers in 70 rupees of gas and if you put one liter of petrol, it runs 50 kilometers. With 3 kg of gas, the bike is able to run for 250 km. When the bike starts, the gas will turn on and when it stops, the automatic gas will be turned off.

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  1. Is it legal?
    Does it effect the engine?
    Is it safe ?

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