New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter Launch – With Unlimited Range

New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter Price, Battery, Range and Features

Bounce, if you haven’t heard of it, they’re a company that offered rental scooters. But they failed later as they left their scooters on the streets. But now they are back with an electric scooter. Which can change the market due to low cost and swapping options.

हिंदी में पढ़े न्यू बाउंस इन्फिनिटी E1 स्कूटर लॉन्च – अनलिमिटेड रेंज के साथ

The new Bounce Infinity E1 scooter comes with an interesting design, which is unique and which also offers disc brakes at the front and rear giving you 12″ wheels. The company talks about the Infinity range, which is powered by swappable batteries. There is a way, which means you can use charging stations to swap out batteries and just keep going.

You can replace your drained battery with a charged one at the Bounce Swap station and just keep going. The battery is under the seat so you just lift and replace the seat and it’s integrated with the Bounce Infinity app, which gives you the nearest charging station details, so you can get to the nearest battery station and you Swap it easily.

New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter Battery

The Bounce Infinity E1 scooter is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery which comes with 1400 battery cycles and they have already been tested in different weather conditions.

New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter Range

The company claims a range of 85 km in standard condition and 50 km of power mode and 65 km in eco mode.

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Top Speed of New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter

The top speed is 65 kmph. According to the company, this is a good number, although I think we don’t need top speed in India, but the vehicle should have the power to move fast, especially when there is a tilted road or two passengers on a scooter.

Interesting Features of the New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter

When the scooter is punctured you can use drag mode to move the scooter easily.

New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter Color

The new bounce infinity scooter has a 5 color option. You can also visit their website and select different custom designs and put them on your scooter, so it’s different from other people’s drives.

Smart Companion App

It comes with a dashboard that gives you all the details. They don’t offer big displays like other companies, though the app gives you all the details.

New Bounce New Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter Price

The starting price of the new bounce infinity scooter is Rs 68999, which is with battery and charger.

Can pay Rs 36000 as an upfront option and choose a scheme based on your usage like a membership fee.

The delivery will start from March 2022. They will also have a service center to avail the services. Pre-booking of bounce new bounce infinity E1 scooter starts at Rs 499.

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